30 Nov 2014


December 2014 — Leadership for Energy Automated Processing (“LEAP”) is pleased to announce the publication of the LEAP Public Dock List and the LEAP Public Dock Clause.  The LEAP Public Dock List, the criteria for creating the list, and the LEAP Public Dock Clause provide a framework by which parties can more clearly document their demurrage liability for marine transactions in North America and the Caribbean.  LEAP and the Public Dock Committee believe that providing these documents will reduce confusion, inefficiency, and risk among parties in the waterborne trade of oil and products.

LEAP has also set up a Public Dock Standing Committee which will ensure that the Public Dock List as published on our website is as current and accurate as possible, and that it takes into account the latest changes in the market.  This committee will meet via teleconference on a quarterly basis, and other market participants’ feedback will be considered if submitted to LEAP in a timely manner.

The LEAP Public Dock Clause, the criteria for a terminal to be considered a Public Dock according to LEAP, as well as background information behind the project can be found on our website.  To facilitate reference, the most current version of the LEAP Public Dock List will always be found at http://www.energyleap.org/publicdockclause/public-dock-list/ along with prior versions for historical reference.

These documents are provided by LEAP for the free and voluntary use of market participants.

LEAP’s mission is to promote efficient and reliable transaction processing within the energy trading industry. More information about LEAP and how to join, including our Limited Project Participation option, is available at http://www.energyleap.org/about-us/how-to-join/.

Membership in LEAP is open to energy trading, service and association entities on a nondiscriminatory basis. All members must be legal entities, not natural persons.