01 Oct 2015

Third Quarterly Public Dock Standing Committee

October 2015 — Please note that the third quarterly LEAP Public Dock Standing Committee meeting will be held on or about October 29th, 2015. This will be a conference call and is open to all representatives of LEAP member companies and Limited Participation members of the LEAP Public Dock Working Group for the 2015 calendar year. As noted on our website, the quarterly meetings are intended to ensure that the LEAP Public Dock List and related criteria and other information are kept up to date as the ownership of oil terminals in the Americas do change from time to time. Also, other matters pertaining to demurrage-related contract clauses and process standardization may be discussed. Attendance at the meetings and voting on relevant matters are reserved for representatives from LEAP member companies. However, individuals, even those who are not members of LEAP, are free to provide feedback regarding the Public Dock Clause and the Public Dock List for consideration at this and future meetings. An agenda with call-in information will be provided in mid-March to members of the committee. In order to provide feedback, or to learn more about joining LEAP and this effort, please contact us.

These documents are provided by LEAP for the free and voluntary use of market participants. LEAP’s mission is to promote efficient and reliable transaction processing within the energy trading industry. More information about LEAP and how to join, including our Limited Project Participation option, is available at http://www.energyleap.org/about-us/how-to-join/.

Membership in LEAP is open to energy trading, service and association entities on a nondiscriminatory basis. All members must be legal entities, not natural persons.