16 May 2016

Join LEAP in Rotterdam at the 3rd European Oil Barge Conference June 9-10th!

Join LEAP at the third European Oil Barge Conference, hosted by ASDEM in Rotterdam on June 9th and 10th!

Kevin Jandora, LEAP’s senior project manager, will be providing an overview of LEAP and focusing on our 2015 European Barge GTCs as well as our attempt to create a standardized timesheet template for Euro Barge trading!  We are continuing our efforts to support more efficient trade confirmation, scheduling operations, settlements, and demurrage processing across the important Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp barge market!

Thank you to ASDEM for inviting us to share our message of automation and standardization to the industry.  More information about ASDEM and their event can be found on their WEBSITE.

Don’t forget that we will also be holding our 2nd Annual LEAP Business Utilities Conference in Houston on June 15th!  More information can be found HERE.